Multiple Benefits


Fibersse® Polydextrose is a low calorie, sugar free, low glycaemic, speciality carbohydrate that is prebiotic and widely recognised as fibre. It offers the below functional benefits.
■ Very Low Calories, 1 kcal/g, perfect ingredient for the formulation of reduced calorie food
■ Recognised as a dietary fibre in many major countries
■ Well-tolerated up to a mean dose of 90 grams/day with no adverse gastrointestinal effects
■ Replaces sugar, glucose syrups and fat while improving flavour, texture and mouth-feel in a variety of applications
■ Low glycaemic. 5-7 compared to glucose at 100. Suitable for consumers seeking low impact carbohydrates, including diabetics
■ Prebiotic: stimulates Lactobacillus and Bifido bacteria. Sustained fermentation throughout the colon, acting as a Prebiotic for Digestive Health
■ Increasing Satiety with Less Calories, Controlling Weight
■ Neutral and bland taste allows for all foods and beverages formulations 
■ Superior stability over a broad pH range and under a variety of processing and storage conditions 
■ Highly soluble, allows preparation of syrups(80% w/w)
■ Taste masking properties help minimize off-notes caused by intense sweeteners, vitamins, minerals, soy and other supplements 
■ Is not fermented in the mouth and has passed the human plaque pH telemetry test which the Swiss government uses to confirm that the product does not promote dental caries 
■ In EU and Switzerland, Polydextrose can be formulated into products without the need for laxative warning statement
■ Good fluidity, multifunctions allows it for pharmaceuticals
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