Fibersse® polydextrose can be used in the formulation of foods, beverages and supplements that are reduced or low calorie, sugar free, reduced sugar, low fat and fibre enriched. 

It is widely used in applications, including but not limit to Nutrition Bars and Cereals, Ice cream & Frozen desserts, Cultured Dairy, Beverages, Chocolate, Fruit Spreads & Fillings, Fibre Enriched alcohol drinking, Health Care Products, Baked goods and baking mixes (permitted in fruit, custard, and pudding filled pies, cakes, cookies, and similar baked goods), Ice cream, Frozen dairy desserts and mixes, Dressings for salads, Sweet sauces, toppings and syrups, Chewing gum, Gelatins, Confections and frostings, Puddings and fillings, Peanut spreads, Hard and soft candy, Pharmaceutical tablets, Fruit ices, Table spread
1) Confectionery
A combination of high water solubility and high viscosity means that Fibersse® Polydextrose can be used to make hard or chewy sweets which are sugar free yet are good to eat.
2) Beverages
Fibersse® can improve mouth-feel by providing body without gumminess. It can be used for clarity and visual appeal in transparent beverages and is an ideal source for fibre beverages.
3) Chocolate
Fibersse® can replace sucrose in chocolate yet provide a warm, creamy texture without a mouth-cooling effect or a scratchy after-taste.
4) Frozen desserts
High viscosity and freezing point depression allow Fibersse® to replace sugar and fat and still give creamy, smooth and highly palatable desserts.
5) Cultured dairy products
Even at low usage levels, Fibersse® gives yoghurts and soft cheeses thickness and viscosity without gumminess, contributing a pleasant body and creamy mouth-feel.
6) Baked goods - sweet & savoury 
As the excellent one of sweeteners, used to replace sugar and some of the fat, Fibersse® has humectant properties and controls water activity which maintain - and even improve - the shelf life of baked products.
7) Nutrition bars
Fibersse® is widely used to improve the nutritional profile of nutrition bars, such as reducing the sugar, fat and caloric content and lowering the product's glycogenic load.
8) Fruit spreads & fillings
High water solubility and viscosity mean that Fibersse® can be used to replace sugar and build solids in fruit spreads and fillings.
9) Being used directly
In Japan, Fibersse® is approved as food directly. Also in many other countries including China it is made into liquid with some or without any other ingredients such as Vitamin C, or put into liquid food owing to its safe use for human body.
10) Pharmaceutical
Especially Fibersse® used in health care products in view of its multiple benefits such as tablet, covering and powder drink and so on. 
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